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I wrote “The Spirit of Robbie Burns” while I was living in Ilfracombe, North Devon. The first showing was on a hotel stage in a ballroom and performed by the town’s Studio Theatre Group. I had in mind giving my theatrical friends a Burns supper with a difference. It is ideally suited for such a purpose.

On that occasion I arranged the Burns Supper between parts 2 and 3.

It was a superb evening and my English friends were clamouring for parts to play. The cast can be easily extended to include additional singers, poetry readers and narrator. Likewise stage settings, costumes and props can be left entirely to suit circumstances in fact it does not require a stage or special effects at all. It depends simply on how theatrical you want it to be.

Since that performance it has been produced three times in Scotland. On 25th January 2015 it was presented in Comrie Hall, Carnoustie (my home town) and again in Knox’s Church Arbroath in January 2016 on the occasion of the church’s 150th anniversary. More recently it was produced in St. Peter’s Church Auchmithie, near Arbroath on 5th Feb 2017 (How Robbie Burns would have enjoyed the glow of his life and works being presented in a church!!!)

As he relates his life story Burns himself is with us,”in spirit”, together with a few of the characters in his life. He has shaken off his mortal coil to tell us about his observations of the people, places and attitudes of his day and his joys, worries, frustrations and - oh yes- his loves.

Enjoy his satire, his romantic view of the Ayrshire countryside, his escapades in Edinburgh and his retreat to Dumfries.

Technically it’s not a play: more a theatrical stage presentation.

It is now in shape to reach a wider audience and complimentary comments from the director, cast and audience inspire me to offer it out in the world so that Burns enthusiasts may enjoy.

The cost of all advice ,notes, the script (including music links) is £1000 (uk) for professional organisations and £250(uk) for amateur clubs, societies or groups. Discounted cost to schools available.

I can be contacted by email at info@spiritrobbieburns.com


No part of the charge is related to Burns' songs and poems or to the extracts from authentic letters.

Should you decide to purchase and perform my theatrical presentation I shall welcome your news and opinions as I would like to keep notes of where around the world it is presented. I should be grateful if you would please let me know when and where you present it and let me have a copy of your programme, cast, costumes and any photos. Thank you. Enjoy!

Robbie Murray, Carnoustie, Scotland UK